Trauma-Informed Somatic Services

Somatic work is a systematic study of the human body in present time. It is formulated to restore natural instinctive responses through movement practices that build awareness of sensation, the body’s wordless language.

Somatic therapy theorizes that past traumas causes instability in the autonomic nervous system (ANS).The nervous system is vital for our responses to dangerous situation, but it can subsequently become stuck in a state of tension, arousal, or shutdown. If you’ve experienced trauma, you may feel both the emotional and physical effects of that instability.

Therapists can use somatic therapy to get your ANS back into balance.

As a mind-body therapist, I believe that your body stores memories and wants to communicate with us and that the mind alone does not tell the whole story; which is why I focus on the three pillars that makes us who we are – mind, body, and spirit. It is in that moment; we begin to transform, see ourselves as a whole unit and truly listen to what we need to do to heal our wounds that come from life experiences and our ancestors.

The heart of my work is my deep respect and appreciation for each person’s “self-knowing.” Rather than simply apply a technique, I meet each person where they are. I draw from my depth of training, experience, and guidance in unfolding how we work together.


My somatic sessions integrate the work of Feldenkrais, The Rolf Method, and the Alexander Technique. All of these methods work with the body with the ultimate goal to help clients heal and become their truest selves, enabling them to live with more comfort, ease, and freedom by recognizing their body as a wise resource, ally, and guide.

heal body and mind

Somatic Embodiment & Regulation Practices

Experiencing any kind of trauma can cause us to respond by entering a state of survival. The actions within our body will eventually integrate itself into the nervous system and can lead to long-term effects. As a practitioner, I gently guide you to recognize your body’s responses to tension and dis-ease by talking you through it and by demonstrating proven strategies that help soothe your Autonomic Nervous System (ANS). Working with me will allow expansion of your window of tolerance, strategies on breathwork that calms, and cultivate an awareness of patterns and emotions in your body. The goal is to restore your bodies natural resiliency, to deal with your physiological symptoms.