Ancestral Womb Work Package

My Story

The last couple of years, I have been working closely with my family with some ancestral work and during this work, I rebuilt my ancestral altar with deeper intentions and connections.

During my family work, I started receiving guidance by my ancestors and ceremonial ideas during Dreamtime. Intuitively, I know that the instructions that were given to me, were gifts from my ancestors and my Peruvian guides.

One night, I received a “visitor” who gifted me a small seedling with a sprout. The man was dressed in a Peruvian traditional shawl and in Spanish, he said

Few months later, I received another visitor at night. This time it was an older female, an abuelita (grandmother) with a shawl over her head- using all the bright vibrant colors of South America. Just like my last visitor, she came in quietly and had something in the palm of her hand. I reached out to look and saw that she was carrying an embryo and placed it in my hand.

Not knowing what to do, I accepted it and waited.

Weeks later, I was being pulled into a cave by my ancestor and inside the cave there was a huge vibrant fire and beside that fire there was a beautiful woman dancing.

I went into a trance looking at the fire. Moments later, a slideshow popped in front of my face and in seconds I was given the sequence for my Andean Womb Work.


An hour and half personalized session on the table.

Herbs/flowers chosen by my ancestors to gift to your womb

An Andean Meditation and limpieza (cleanse)

Suggested: 3 sessions (6 weeks apart)

– Mother wound

– Father wound

– Inner Child wound

· IN person only*

· Each session is $111 or an even $300 if all 3 is paid at once